Mike Mireles, the man behind the emails and phone, the owner, and the DJ + MC for your big day was born in the City of South El Monte. Growing up he always enjoyed popular pop, rock, and trending Top 40 music. His love in entertainment started in high school as a guest speaker on a Spanish Catholic Radio station for a few years. It was during high school that Mike founded the beginnings of what is now, Mireles Entertainment. He worked a full time job, was doing radio shows, and was a Mobile DJ for many small backyard and small venue Weddings and Sweet 16s.

 After leaving that radio station and graduating high school, Mike continued his education at California State University, Los Angeles. During his five years there he worked at 104.3 MYFM as a Afternoon Programmer. He went from doing only small weddings and Sweet 16s in the small venues to now larger weddings, sweet 16s, school events and productions and other events. Mike graduated from college with a Bachelors of Art in Telecommunications, and now currently resides in the City of Glendora, and is a preferred DJ and Vendor for the Glendora Country Club. Booking a special event, and wanting to check him out, follow him social media for videos!  

Quote of the Day

"As a music expert and DJ and entertainer, it is my job to know what can bring the dance floor to life. This entails knowing what songs reflect your personality, which are your favorite, but also which songs are currently trending, what songs will blend and mix well with the current song being played, what wedding sing-a-longs or games can be played to grab everyone for more filler. I've been in the Event Mobile DJ Industry for 16 years and you can trust me that I will never let your dance floor vibe fail. I can guarantee you that I will always have someone on the dance floor dancing to the Cha Cha Slide or Cupid Shuffle or dancing and screaming to SHOUT by the Isley Brothers. I know my music, I listen to what music you enjoy and I do research for every event I perform for!" 

- DJ Mike J Mireles


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How much do you charge? 

We get this question asked a lot! We never get tired of answering it either. What we have on our Packages tab will be a description of three packages for the event you're seeking. Choose which package you're interested in and w will go over price and maybe even give you an incredible offer / discount for calling and considering us. 

We also have specialty combination packages that are ideal for any type special event. These combination specialty packages include: 

  • DJ + Photo Booth
  • DJ + Photographer
  • DJ + Choreographer
  • DJ + Event Planner!!


We do provide discounted rates if we are not your only source of entertainment (if you are hiring a band/banda as well) and only want us to play during their breaks.


Q: Do you charge additional for travel fees? Do you charge for setting up/tearing down? We do not charge extra for any of these. Everything is included in the total price and presented to you as an invoice offer.

Q: Do you require meals (to be fed) during the event? Although it is a beautiful gesture, we do not require any meals (to be fed) during your special event. If you would like to provide us with a meal, we appreciate and would love to dine with you and your guests, however, if not we can plan ahead and eat on the road prior to your event. *The only thing we ask is for water throughout the evening to stay hydrated during your event.

Q: Do you require a cash tip? We do not. We appreciate all tips, and if given, we thank you, but we do not expect to be tipped!

Q: Do you require a deposit? Yes, we do ask for a Security Save the Date Deposit by the time of our initial sit-down meeting, which is $100.00. This is a non-refundable deposit / retainer to save the date which will be applied toward your grand total.

Q: Do you take song requests? Dedications? Of course. This special event is all about you. Please do not think that you or your guests will be bothering us by asking to hear/dance to the next jam. We love interacting with everyone and taking their songs into consideration. As long as it is tasteful and we can incorporate with the tracks and genres being played at the moment, or a song that everyone will enjoy, we have no problem. Along with song requests, we are very knowledgable about music and have personal interests in varieties. We do not just listen or have only "one kind of genre." We personally enjoy all and have all kinds of music from the 1950s-2000s, Modern Top 40, Hip-Hop, EDM and Trap, Latin, Salsa, Cumbia, Bachata, Banda and Nortena and of course Line Dance Favorites like the Cha Cha Slide and Cupid Shuffle. 

Q: Can we make special dedications and shout outs?

For special dedications and shoutouts  we love to partake! Let us know what you are planning on doing for a dedication or shoutout before or during your event and we can make it happen! If you want me to make the shoutout, you got it! 

Have Additional Questions? What is the best way to Reach You?

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